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If you are not sure which version of this medication is best for you, or which Levitra dosage you should use, the below guide can be helpful in providing information on doses and how to establish which one is best for you to use.

Which Levitra dosage is best for me?

Levitra tablets are available in a 10mg dose only. 10mg is normally the recommended starting dose for men using Levitra (which is available in 2.5mg, 5mg, 10mg and 20mg doses) tablets for the first time. Most men are also more comfortable with the Levitra 20 mg dosage because it’s high enough to be effective, yet low enough not to cause too many side effects.


If you are using Levitra tablets for the very first time, it’s always best to ask your doctor for advice first. To evaluate your response to this medication, a doctor may start you off on a 10mg dose of Levitra tablets first, and then increase your Levitra dosage based on your reaction and your results. If you are ordering your Levitra dosage online, the online doctor may do the same. However, it’s important that you then evaluate your response to the medication accurately, so that the next time you place an order you’ll be able to provide the doctor with enough information so that they can make a better recommendation for you.

When should I consider changing to a different Levitra dosage?

The Levitra 20 mg dosage doesn’t tend to cause side effects, especially if you are comfortable with the 10mg Levitra dosage. Some men are more sensitive to the active ingredient, vardenafil, which means that a lower traditional Levitra dosage will be more appropriate than the Levitra dosage. Signs that you may need to change your Levitra or Levitra dosage include if you experience headaches, indigestion, flushing or any other mild side effects that make you feel slightly uncomfortable. You may be recommended a higher Levitra dosage if you didn’t get the results you wanted and if you didn’t experience any side effects with the lower dosage.

You could alternatively move to Levitra 20 mg dosage if you are comfortable taking the tablets in the 20mg dose, but require a treatment that is more convenient to take or if you find it difficult to swallow pills.