Although it is one of the best drugs in treating or providing relief to people affected by erectile dysfunction, there are several Levitra side effects and precautions to be aware of. The precautions listed here should make a person stop or avoid using the drug immediately they are noticed. The drug has many ingredients, and if you discover any that you are allergic to, you better avoid any continued intake of the drug. Any sensitive reaction to the ingredients used when making the drug, especially if they are known, should be enough to make you abandon the use of this drug to help you resolve erectile dysfunction.

There are certain products which if you are currently using, then you are advised to take care and ensure that you stop the further intake of Levitra. These products include nitrates and nitroglycerine in addition to antiarrhythmics. If you have suffered from stroke at any point in your life or recently, as well as a heart attack, you are advised to take precautions and not take the drug, especially if these threats have occurred within the past six months or thereabouts. If your heartbeat is irregular, you should have your doctor examine you before being advised on the next course of action with regard to using this drug.

There are some eye problems which if you are diagnosed with can rule you out of the list of people allowed to use Levitra. One of the most common eye disorders as stated herein is known as retinitis pigmentosa and its presence is not good when attempting to use this drug to treat your erectile dysfunction problem. Any person with blood pressure problems, whether high or low, should be kept away from the drug. If the heart has faced any serious failure in the recent past, or the chest is filled with a lot of pain, any use of this drug needs to be brought to an immediate stop before the situation gets worse.

An individual whose liver or kidney has required, or still requires, dialysis needs to be kept away from using Levitra. The drug should only be taken when it is necessary, and this is often when in need of sex. It is imperative that this requirement is adhered to while efforts get focused on ensuring that the drug is taken only once every twenty-four hours. Double dose should be avoided, and the use of this drug needs to be strictly left for prior to any sexual activity that will require the male individual to have a firm erection. These are a few of the precautions which if respected, will help to preserve your health.

There are times when your doctor may determine that sexual activity is not right for your health. If this happens, you are to keep off from Levitra as it could harm you. A headache, flushing and stuffy nose are among the most common side effects brought about because of the use of this drug. Most of these side effects are mild in nature, and within a short time will disappear without any effort on your part to get rid of them. On very rare occasions, there are people whose erection will last for four hours or more without diminishing. If this occurs, you are advised to seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

Other side effects related to using Levitra include indigestion and an upset stomach. There are times when you feel rather dizzy because of using this type of drug to help you overcome problems associated with erectile dysfunction. There are other uncommon reactions of your body if you have used the drug and one of them is that it becomes quite difficult for you to differentiate colors. A partial or complete loss in vision for some short period of time may occur as well. Your ability to hear well may be severely affected too when using Levitra. If these occur, you should immediately stop taking the medication.