To start using Generic levitra, 10 mg tablet a day is enough as a starter dose

There are many kinds of drugs that are formulated to treat erectile dysfunction. One of them is Generic Levitra, a prescription drug that was proven effective in treating erectile dysfunction.

To start using Generic levitra, 10 mg tablet a day is enough as a starter dose. However, your doctor is the only person who can decide the exact dose for you. Discuss with him your medical condition so that he can decide the correct dose. If you’re taking alpha blockers (a medication to treat prostate problems and hypertension) it is crucial to let the doctor know your condition. A lower dose of Generic levitra maybe suited to you.

Male treated for angina should not use Generic levitra. The nitrate that this medication contains is not allowed to use together with Generic levitra due to adverse reaction that will occur. A sudden drop of the user’s blood pressure as drug reaction will endanger his life.

Generic Levitra cannot protect its users against sexually transmitted diseases. A proper protection must be done for that purpose. Taking Generic Levitra may cause a prolong erection. There is a risk that the erection may last more than the usual 4 hours, if this happened, seek medical help right away to avoid long term injury.

Although that those mention side effects and reactions can be happen but those are rare cases and can be avoided if guided accordingly by your physician. However, there are common side effects that usually occur within a period of time and then will just vanish. These are headache, backache, flushing and stuffy or runny nose. If this side effect will occur while you’re under medication, you don’t need to worry.

Generally, Levitra is great for your erectile dysfunction. This drug is available online. Generic Levitra is available in 2.5mg, 5mg, 10mg, and 20 mg tablet. Buying your medicine supply in a well known drug distributor will give you an assurance that what you are buying are quality drugs.