What Are The Unique Benefits Of Levitra?

Levitra Pill for ED

Erectile dysfunction has lost some of its stigma over the past ten years, but its still very much on topic with the wellness and health agendas of patients and practitioners.  This is because there is so much information out there about what causes erectile dysfunction and what the best course of treatment is for a patient. Erectile dysfunction, which is very common, happens when a man has difficulty getting and or maintaining an erection. If the dysfunction becomes chronic, it can cause stress on a relationship and problems with self esteem. There may be underlying health factors associated with erectile dysfunction like heart problems or uncontrolled diabetes. But if your doctor gives you a clean bill of health you do have options.

In 1998 the FDA in the United States first approved a drug for the specific use of erectile dysfunction which was called Viagra. Since then there have been several other and better drugs introduced to the world market and Viagra has gone off patent meaning that there are now generic options. Anyone who is affected by erectile dysfunction or has loved one who is, needs to know that there is a better option when it comes to treatment. And doing your research will not only help resolve this health issue but having the right drug can result in less side effects and better outcomes.

Of all the drugs that are available to those who are suffering from erectile dysfunction, Levitra has overwhelmingly unique and positive results on maintaining a patients lifestyle. When compared to all it’s competitors, Levitra has little to no side affects and is fast acting as well as longer lasting. Some of Levitra’s competitors have side affects like back pain, upset stomach, vision problems, heart problems, allergic reactions, more contraindications with other drugs, and little to no dosage variations. Levitra is not only longer lasting and fast acting but it comes in three dosage options that means you can get a tailored fit to your needs. And because there are little to no side affects with Levitra, your doctor does not have to do constant tests to monitor the drugs effect on your health like with Viagra. Which means less cost to the patient and the insurer.

A very good indicator of Levitra’s unique ease of usability is that you can take it with food, whereas with Viagra and and some other drugs you must take it on an empty stomach. That issue alone can have a lifestyle impact whereas someone having a romantic dinner has to be very calculating as to when to take Viagra. Another huge plus with Levitra compared to its competitors is that it seems to cost 10-15% less. Whether your drug is covered by your health insurer or not that is very welcome news. Because being able to not only manage a chronic condition like erectile dysfunction successfully and to have little to no side effects, added with a more affordable factor, is great news for patients who are suffering and looking for solutions.